The Chico Mothers' Club is a member-run organization providing friendships, connections, resources, and events for families.  Founded in 1995, we now have over 180 members and growing.   We are a fun group of moms, kids and families building lifelong friendships.  Whether you have been in Chico for a while and looking for socialization for you and your children or are new to the area and wanting to meet people and explore Chico, this is the place for you.  We offer weekly, monthly and annual activities and events.  CMC and our members organize a variety of events so there is something for everyone.  As a volunteer run organization, everyone helps to make the club special.

My mom gifted me a membership to the Chico Mothers’ Club when my oldest son was born. She was a part of a mothers’ club where I grew up, and it was such an important part of her life, she wanted me to have the same experience. This was one of the best gifts she has given me.
— Kelli Brady

Chico Mothers' Club 2018-2019 Steering Committee

Jennifer Brown – President
Layla Betar – Vice President
Shannon McVannel – Assistant Vice President
Lauren Gibba Gillespie – Playgroup Coordinator
Abby Shipman – Co-Playgroup Coordinator
Sarah Vercruysse – Welcome Wagon Coordinator
Jillian Smith/Hollie Byers – Treasurer
Kate Marsalek Kerns – Secretary
Nicole Garroutte Welcel – Bunco Coordinator
Daniela Fernandez – Sunshine Coordinator
Jessica Hiersche – Fieldtrip Coordinator
Renay Rose – Events Coordinator
Eesha Patel – Newsletter Designer
Adela Schneider – Calendar Designer
Sarah Van Dusen – Welcome Packet Coordinator
Jennifer Dunlap – Website Coordinator
Layla Betar – Facebook Coordinator
Nikki Bailey – Social Coordinator
Randi Horton – Storage Coordinator
Julie Kiendra Barceloux – Publicity Coordinator
Michaela Golightly – Birthday Card Coordinator
Kimberly Snyder – Philanthropy Chair
Jennifer Brock - Apparel Coordinator