Membership Form – New and Renewing

Thank you for your interest in the Chico Mothers' Club. Below is a Membership Form and payment button for both new and renewing members.  Please complete all of the required portions of the form, scrolling through to the end, then click the “submit” button.  Be sure to then click the Paypal button at the end to pay for your membership.  

Once your form and payment has been received, you will be sent a welcome email and information from the membership coordinator and you will be added to the private Facebook group for the CMC.  If you do not receive the welcome email and/or get added to the Facebook group in a timely fashion, please contact us  so we can fix the problem!  Thank you for becoming a member or renewing your membership!

Dues and Obligations

The annual membership dues for CMC are due in June.  All dues go to keeping the club fun and functional. We have a pro-rated system of payment by half a year as follows: 

  • May* - November = $36

  • December - April = $18

*If you join in May, you pay $36 for membership for the next fiscal year, and you get May for FREE, like a buy 13 months for the price of 12 months!

We also encourage all members to actively participate in the club by helping to plan and/or implement at least one project or activity per year, usually with your playgroup.

Form & Payment:  Please complete the member form below, scrolling through to the end, then click the “submit” button on the form, and then use the PayPal button at the bottom to pay for the dues.